I am a fine art travel and landscape photographer based in the St. Louis metro area. I specialize in dramatic black and white landscapes, colorful minimalism, and scenes from everyday life. My studio is Wits End Photography.


Born on the plains of Colorado, I began traveling at a young age and traveled extensively throughout the United States, Europe, and parts of Asia. I always had my trusty point-and-shoot camera - always set to “auto”. In 2015, I discovered photography as a serious hobbyist and a 365 Project (one photo a day for a year) honed my photography skills and ignited my passion for the art of photography.


I’m an orchestral musician and music educator by profession and I found that the artistic thinking and the technical approach to art that I had developed as a musician transferred to the medium of photography.


I love to travel, but even when I’m at home in St. Louis, I try to keep the same sense of adventure – looking for novelty in the everyday; finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. I scour the city and surrounding areas, looking for texture and life in architecture and landscapes. Everyone has a history and every place is central to a story.

Articles and interviews about my photography:

Voyage STL Magazine 

Wits End

Wits End was born long before I became a photographer. My husband is British and many years ago we named our home, in the tradition of quaint British cottages, “Wits End” (there’s even a sign on the front porch). Wits End, we decided, is where we always live!

But it wasn’t until I really was at my wits end that I took up photography as a serious hobby. I was going through a lot of stress and negativity in my life and photography gave me a new challenge. Learning a new skill distracted me from the stressful parts of my life. I started a 365 Project (one photo a day for a year) and looking for beauty in the world every single day kept me from sinking into despair. In a very real way photography saved me when I really was at my wits end. The name of my photography studio reminds me that even on dark days, I can see beauty and that every day I can choose to see that beauty.


I am the founder and contributing editor for the photography education website PhotoYoga. PhotoYoga is a positive place for photography. It is a safe place for learning and growth. PhotoYoga is a place for photographers to be accepting of each other, acknowledging that we are all at different levels. We acknowledge what we don’t know and are willing to share what we do know.  ​

What I do...

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Exhibits & Fine Art Prints

My photos are exhibited in solo exhibitions and as part of themed group exhibits both locally and regionally. Prints are available for purchase at a number of St. Louis area galleries and as part of my limited edition collection.

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Wild Horse Photo Tour

Join me in Eminence, Missouri where we'll go in search of the Wild Horses of Shannon County. I'll take you to fields where the wild horses tend to feed and help you get close enough to get amazing photos of these elusive creatures. The tour is scheduled for 3 hours and we'll try 2-3 fields in this time period.

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I offer individual coaching sessions focused on photographic and post-processing techniques. I also provide classes and talks on photography on a variety of topics. My ebook 32 Photo Etudes: Exercises in Composition, Light, Focus, Motion will help you master photographic techniques.

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I'm an active freelance writer on all things photography. I write on topics ranging including composition, photo editing, and zen photography. I write for photo education sites like Expert Photography and PhotzyWriting is a form of photo education. If you want to know how to do something, I'm your gal! Contact me if you need a bit of writing to compliment your beautiful photographs.. 

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St. Louis Photo Tours

Whether you are coming to St. Louis as a tourist or you live here and are looking for new places to photograph, I offer individualized St. Louis Photography Tours. Tours are tailored to a certain area or type of photography. 2 hour minimum.

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Photos for Design

I provide fine art prints for interior design. I specialize in colorful minimalism and dramatic black and white landscapes. Contact me if you have particular images in mind or would like bespoke images. I partner with a local photo lab to provide large, professionally produced images.

Solo Exhibits

Past and upcoming solo exhibits of my photography. 

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Shaping Spaces

Foundry Arts Center

Solo Exhibit, Emerging Artist Series

St. Charles, Missouri

January 24 - March 13, 2020

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Dramatic B&W Landscapes

Kirkwood Train Station Exhibit

Solo Exhibit, Art at the Station

Kirkwood, Missouri

August 1 - September 31, 2019

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Faces of India

Edwardsville Arts Center

Solo Exhibit

Edwardsville, Illinois

January 10 - February 7, 2020

Varanasi Day 2A (191 of 208).jpg

Faces of India

Maryland Heights Community Center

Solo Exhibit

St. Louis, Missouri

July 7-August 24, 2019

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Photography of Jennifer Mishra

Soulard Coffee Gardens Exhibit

Solo Exhibit

St. Louis, Missouri

January 31 - March 5, 2019