Pantano Family Portraits 2018

Choosing Final Images from Photoshoot

Great photoshoot!


I've chosen some of my favorite images from our photoshoot and done a bit of light post-processing. I've tried to choose diverse image that should give you lots of choice. Click on the images to enlarge.

Use the form on this url to choose your prints and digital files

Please referring to the photos by the numbers in their titles. 


Your package includes 8 photos - but choose 2 additional photos as a free gift! Also, choose 2 of the full family photos to add to the package. So, you're choosing 12 total. 

Additional photos may be added to the package for $10 each and there is pricing on the ordering page for additional and larger sized prints.


Let me know if you have any final post-processing requests. I generally remove blemishes and a few fly away hairs. I'll finish the post-processing on the photos and open the high resolution version without my watermark for you to download and share.

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