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Books & eBooks

I have written a number of books and ebooks on a number of topics including photography, self-awareness and happiness, and music. Books are available for purchase through Amazon.. Contact me if you would like more information on these or future publications.

Books & eBooks

32 Photo Etudes Revised Cover.jpg

32 Photo Etudes

Exercises in Composition, Focus, Light, Motion

The concept of an etude comes from music where specific techniques are studied in isolation. The idea is that when the technique is later encountered in a piece of music, musicians can more easily use that technique and return their focus to the interpretation and expression of the music. 

The idea of an etude, a technical study, can easily be applied to photography. Any exercise designed to enhance a particular photographic skill is a “photo etude”. The point of etudes is to focus attention on one particular technique. 


Paperback $14.99

eBook $2.99



Technology in the 21st Century Music Practice Room

This book provides new practical tools that bridge the gap between familiar, easy-to-use technology and musical practice to enhance musicianship and motivate students. Authors Jennifer Mishra and Barbara Fast provide ideas for use with students of all levels, from beginners to musicians performing advanced repertoire. This book is written for teachers (both studio teachers and ensemble directors), but can be read by performers to help give new guidance to their own practice sessions.

Published by Oxford University Press


Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 8.00.49 AM.jpg

Streets of India

I traveled to India with my husband in 2018 for the first time to explore the people and places of the sub-continent. I focused on street photography throughout the journey, making both posed and candid photos of the people I met. We shared a busy Indian street, but we also could share a moment in time, a smile, and an interaction - even without sharing a word. 


Life is much different here than our western life, sheltered inside buildings. India is a country with a vibrant street life and my goal was to capture the spirit of life on the streets in my photographs.


Hardcover $52.99

ebook $7.99



Symbols of a Well-Balanced Life

This book is a philosophy of life for overcoming 21st century stress and anxiety and to provide stability to your life. The philosophy is based on the symbol of a cairn, a mound of stones piled up as a landmark, memorial or to mark a boundary or path. The symbol provides comfort and guidance during difficult times and a point of focus when moving forward. Through this book, I will share my ever-developing personal understanding of what has become a powerful symbol in my life. 

eBook $5.99

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I'm a self-taught photographer, but a trained musician and music educator. I've been teaching all levels (including adults) for over 30 years. I have published widely and am a prolific speaker.

Let's get together and improve your photography!

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