Introduction: Overview of the Book

Bringing Practice into the 21st Century


Let’s Practice!

Practice: Space it Out & Mix it Up

Long-Term Distributed Practice

Daily Distributed Practice

Interleaving Practice

Chunking: Finding the Patterns

Marking Parts: Circling & Labeling


Blocking Chords

Divide and Conquer

Hardest First

Building it up: Metronome Practice

Digging it out: Woodshedding Strategies

Mental Practice


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Overlooked & Evolving Technology


Metronomes Don’t Just Tick Anymore

Count, Click, Tick, Beep

The Silent Tick: Muting the Beat

A Tick of your Own: Tap-in-Tempo

Changing Ticks: Accelerando & Ritardando

Mixed Ticks: Compound Meters & Polyrhythms

Slowdowners: Metronome Variation

Seeing Sound: Tuners in the 21st Century

Wikipedia & the Web

Curiosity Doesn’t Actually Kill Cats

Music at Your Fingertips: IMSLP & Other Digital Sources

And Now for the Games!: Interactive Websites

The Imitation Game: Copiers, Scanners, and Pdfs

The Art of Annotation

Low-Tech Annotations

High-Tech Annotations

Cutting it Apart

Practice Puzzle

Memory Jogger

Digital Files in the Concert Hall


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And the Ears Have It!: Listening & Self-Recording


Modeling Magic: Creating Musical Expectations

Let’s Hear It!: Pre-Recorded Models

Let Me Show You: Teacher-Recorded Models

Flipping the Lesson

Come Play With Me: Playing with Recordings

Sight Reading by Ear

Music Minus One

Instant Replay: Benefits of Recording Lessons

Musical Selfies: Recording Home Practice

Slow Perfect Recording

Practicing Highlights: Edited Recording

Blogging, Vlogging, & Podcasting: Writing or Speaking about Practice


Vlogging & Podcasting

iPerform: Dress Rehearsals, Auditions & Virtual Recitals

Recording to Perform: The Digital Dress Rehearsal

Hi-Tech Tests: Assessments & Auditions

Enhancing Live Performance

Concerts Expanded

Hybrid & Virtual Performances

Live Streaming


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Taking the Next Step: Using Notation Software in the Practice Room


Practice Parts

The Value of Entering Music into a Notation Program

Aural Model

Click Tracks



Meter & Rhythm

Key Signatures & Enharmonics

Clefs & Ledger Lines

Putting it all Together

Creativity in Practice

Isolating Elements

Simplifying the Music

Skeletal Melodies

Redistributing Parts

The Etude-ist


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Beyond 4 Walls: Practicing as a Social Activity


One is a Lonely Number

Leveraging Social Media

MyPracticePal: Digital Activity Trackers

Just Do It!: Getting Started

Virtual Practice Trainer: Setting Practice Routines

Burst Mode

Gamifying Practice: Counting and Reward Systems

Sharing the Love… Of Practicing

Instagram My Practice

Practice Stories

Virtual Practice Partners

Skyping Together


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