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Jennifer Mishra believes that all children can benefit and succeed in music and that music is central part of the human experience. It's not about the difficulty of the music, it's the enjoyment of playing all music with joy and the satisfaction of overcoming the challenges presented. 

She teaches violin and viola at all levels, from beginning to advanced students. 

Jennifer Mishra has 30+ years of music teaching experience and is the author of the book iPractice: Music Technology in the 21st Century Music Practice Room. She is always looking to use everyday technologies to advance music learning. 

Jennifer Mishra is a freelance violist in the St. Louis area. She has performed as a freelance musician for over 30 years in Colorado, Wyoming, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, Kentucky, South Dakota, and Texas. She has played with the Cheyenne Symphony, the Paducah Symphony Orchestra, and as principal violist with the University City Symphony (St. Louis). 

Jennifer Mishra is also a frequent judge for music competitions both for state solo and ensemble contests and prestigious concerto competitions such as the Southern Illinois Young Artist Competition.

Dr. Mishra has also served as a guest conductor for a number of youth orchestras in Missouri, Illinois, and Texas. 

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Individual lessons:

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  • 60-minutes $75

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  • 4, 30-minute lessons $175

  • 4, 60-minute lessons $275

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Technical Requirements

Technical Requirements

Online lessons are conducted via Skype

A computer (laptop or tablet) is best for lessons rather than a phone Skype recommends that your computer has at least a 1 Ghz processor and a minimum of 256 MB of Ram for Windows and at least a 1 Ghz Intel processor (Core 2 duo) for Mac with a minimum of 1 GB of Ram. In general, the faster the computer, the better the online experience.


It is possible to take lessons with slower computers, but we may have to adapt the online lessons if connections are frequently dropped. 

The broadband/high-speed connection should be at least 400 kbps (standard Cable or DSL connections should work just fine) Dial up connections are not generally fast enough for online lessons. 

Test Connection

1 Mbps = 1000Kbps

Computers purchased within the last 5 years should have good enough video and audio for online lessons. Older computers may need an external webcam. External microphones are not necessary, but may enhance the experience. If they don't impede playing, headphones may be used. 

Getting Started
Books & Equipment

Books & Repertoire

Let me know about any books or repertoire you have already studied. I prefer to use the following resources.

Practice Buddy 


Essential Elements for Strings

Violin book 1

Viola book 1

1st Repertoire Book

After the basics are established, we'll move into repertoire.

Violin book 1

Viola book 1

Advanced Repertoire

Musicians who have been playing for a couple of years will be assessed on their level and will likely be playing out of one of the following books. 

Violin book 2

Viola book 2

Violin book 3

Viola book 3

Violin book 4

Viola book 4

Violin book 5

Viola book 5

Violin book 6

Viola book 6

Necessary Equipment

If possible, visit a music store in person to rent or purchase a high quality, correctly sized violin or viola outfit. Cheap instruments are generally not satisfying to play and can break easily. Older, family instruments may be  fine, but they should be checked by a music shop and fitted with fine tuners. Beginner instruments may range from $200-$1,000.

Need to purchase online? 

Beginning Instrument, Bow & Case

Violin Yamaha V3 Series Student Violin Outfit 1/2, 3/4, or 4/4 Size - see this quick sizing guide

Viola Yamaha Model AVA5-140S 'Braviol' Student Viola  13", 14", 15", 16" - see this quick sizing guide


Bows don't work without rosin!

D'Addario Kaplan Premium Rosin with Case, Dark

Shoulder Rest

Shoulder rests help musicians hold the violin or viola firmly under their chin.

The more comfortable and the more adjustable the shoulder rest the better.

Kun 830350 Collapsible Violin Shoulder Rest    4/4     1/2-3/4

Kun K400C Viola Shoulder Rest​ 

Music Stand

A strong, black music stand is best. Will also need somewhere to put the computer so maybe get 2!

Manhasset Model #48 Sheet Music Stand


Strings break! Have a few extra on-hand. Watch this video on how to change a string

Thomastik Dominant Violin String Set    4/4   3/4   1/2

Thomastik-Infeld Dominant Viola Strings Set     4/4 (15-16")    13-14"    1/2 (12")