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How to Avoid Upload Errors

Midjourney 101

Tired of getting the dreaded "invalid link" error when trying to use images in your Midjourney prompts? Why won't my image work in the prompt?

Today, you'll learn how to upload images like a pro. I show you how to find the perfect image URL, the different types of file formats that are supported, and even introduce you to the new drag-and-drop feature in the MJ mode.


***Share how you use the blend mode to create unique images in the comments below.***

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0:00 Start

0:32 Image prompts: When you need text

1:10 Getting url from Discord image

1:38 Getting image url from web source

2:13 Types of files accepted in image prompt

2:20 Url not accepted in image prompts

3:05 Using images without accepted url links

3:31 Blending images

3:43 Introducing /Blend mode





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Want to learn how to make AI images in Midjourney? Check out my online courses >>

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