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Secrets to Creating Stunning AI Images: Expert Prompts

Are you tired of using the same old prompts for your AI images? Are you looking for ways to make your AI images stand out?

In this video, I'm going to blow your mind with 12 of the wildest and most unexpected prompt tricks. Known only by the experts.

These prompts will help you create one-of-a-kind, jaw-dropping AI images. Most of these tricks work in Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and Dall-E 2.

****Let us know your favorite prompting tricks in the comments below.***

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0:00 Start

0:23 12 Style Fusion

0:57 11 Lighting Prompts

1:42 10 Detail Prompts

2:09 9 Texture Prompts

2:33 8 Prompting with Texture Images

2:59 7 Prompting for Repeated Patterns --tile

3:17 6 The Beautiful Magical Word

3:42 5 Punk It!

4:00 4 Use Juxtaposition

4:19 3 Random Prompts

4:40 2 Nonsense Prompts

5:02 1 Emoji-to-Image Prompts



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►Online Randomizer



►Random String Generator

►Nonsense Word Generator

►►VIDEO: AI Style Fusion: Infinite Creativity in Midjourney

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