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12 AI Image Generation Games to Brighten your Holidays

Updated: Jan 8

Holiday games for creative kids and family fun!

With the holidays here, friends and families gathering, we have one thing this year that we didn't have last year - AI image generation. Is there a way to have a little family fun with this new technology?

In this special video, I'm sharing some awesome ideas for holiday games that use AI image generation apps and ChatGPT. Use Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, or Dall-E 2 to bring the holiday spirit to life!

These games are a fun and interactive way to get everyone in the holiday spirit. Plus, it's a great way to explore the capabilities of AI and learn more about how it works.

There are team and individual challenges. The games can be played with kids and family members with varying degrees of technology skill.

Games include:

  • Holiday Doodles

  • Word Chain

  • Holiday Nonsense

  • H is for Holiday

  • Caption It! Holiday Edition

  • Carol Creation

  • Chatbot Game

  • Prompt Pictionary

  • Holiday Mad Libs

  • Random Word Mash

  • Reindeer Games

  • Holiday Episodes

There's a game here for every family!

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