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Img2Img in Midjourney

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Why you should be using Image Prompts

If you're not using image prompts in Midjourney AI, you're missing out on a powerful tool!

In this video, I'll show you how to use images as part of your prompt. Images work very differently in version 4, so we'll cover image prompts in both version 3 and version 4. If you're new to Midjourney, here's how to get started.

Use image weights in version 3 to control balance the image and the text prompts.

We explore different things you can do with img2img prompting like

  • digitizing sketches

  • blending images

  • making AI selfies

  • creating a recurring character for storytelling, and

  • style transfer

I’ll show you how to take a snapshot from your camera phone or a screen grab from a movie and transfer the style onto your images.

Image prompts are a powerful tool in creating your AI-generated image!

Let us know how you use image prompts in the comments below.

Want to learn how to make AI images in Midjourney? Check out my online courses >>

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