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Midjourney's Secret Styles

The Curse of Midjourney

There's a super secret style hidden in Midjourney. I'm about to reveal the easter egg and tell you the secret!

Recently, MJ version 4 went live. It is not just 10 times better than v3, it's 100 times better! If you haven't been using version 4 in beta testing, this is a huge shake up in terms of style.

And that's even before we get to the style commands in Midjourney version 4. Yes - you heard me --style as a command!

In this video I'll show you how to use both the --stylize and the --style commands in version 4 - yes they're different! and I'll show you a super secret style command that will blow your mind!

It's like Midjourney has been cursed (*HINT*).

It’s time to explore the dark side of Midjourney AI.

***Let us know how the secret style behaves in the comments below.***

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