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First Look at Midjourney Version 4

Amazing Upgrade!!

UPDATE: Version 4 is now the default Midjourney version as of 12/21/2022

What is Midjourney version 4? How has Midjourney changed in version 4?

UPDATE!! Version 4 is now the default version on Midjourney (12/21/22)

Midjourney released a new version of its AI text-to-image generator in early November 2022.

Version 4 is a completely new build trained on Midjourney’s AI supercluster. The team has been working on the version for nearly 9 months and it will blow your mind!

In this video, we'll look at what Version 4 will do and how you can create more amazing images than ever before. I'll show you some current features of v4 and you'll see head-to-head comparisons showing how v4 has evolved beyond v3.

I'll show you some limitations of the current v4 model. But The MJ team is updating v4 so, these probably won't be limitations for long.

I'll end with my final thoughts on Midjourney version 4 as it now stands

***As Midjourney version 4 changes, let us know your favorite features in the comments below.***

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