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Version 4c: Did the Update Break Midjourney?

What changed in the newest version 4c upgrade in Midjourney?

Do your Midjourney images look a little different, lately? It's not your imagination, Midjourney version 4 just got an update!

You now have more aspect ratio choices. It's been a long time in coming!

But is this a win or did the upgrade break Midjourney?

In this video, we look at the detail and sharpness of images and upscales in the v4c model. We explore the new aspect ratios and the effects on parameters such as stylize and chaos.

****Let us know your impressions of the Midjourney version 4c upgrade in the comments below.***

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0:00 Start

0:30 A short history of Midjourney versions

1:28 Version 4c aesthetic and sharpness

2:06 Upscaling in version 4c

2:54 Expanded aspect ratios in version 4c

4:03 Paremeter changes in version 4c

5:35 Changes to image prompts and blending in version 4c





►►VIDEO: First Look at Midjourney Version 4: Amazing Upgrade!

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