This book is a philosophy of life for overcoming 21st century stress and anxiety and to provide stability to your life. The philosophy is based on the symbol of a cairn, a mound of stones piled up as a landmark, memorial or to mark a boundary or path. The symbol provides comfort and guidance during difficult times and a point of focus when moving forward. Through this book, I will share my ever-developing personal understanding of what has become a powerful symbol in my life. I will explore the cairn itself as a symbol of balance and stability that allows me to approach life’s failures and limitations in a positive way. I will then link multiple cairns together as a symbol of my journey through life. This line of cairns allows me to visualize both my past and future while at the same time centering me in the present. I will expand on this idea to show how cairns help me make decisions when my life’s path diverges. Finally, I will explore cairns as symbols of arrival, of celebration, and a point of rest. My ideas surrounding cairns evolved naturally and are not based in any established religion or philosophy however, readers familiar with meditation and Zen philosophies may find harmony with the ideas in the book. The cairn is a concrete image – a touchstone – that you can hold in your mind as a point of meditation or as a simple reminder of how you want to live your life. The cairn has become a personal symbol in my quest to live a well-balanced life and it can become a powerful symbol to calm your thinking and help you live a successful life.



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Cairns: Symbols of a Well-Balanced Life

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