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Fogged Tree is an image of a tree near my home on the campus of a local university in southern Illinois. The fog added a mysterious element to this tree, setting it apart from the woods beyond. The black and white treatment emphasizes this mystery. The tree reminds me that there can be beauty, subtlety, and a sense of mystery around every corner. Sony A7II 105mm 1/20@f8.0 ISO100


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Prints may be purchased with or without mats


Small (11x14, 11x17)

Medium (16x20, 16x24)

Large (30x40, 30x45)

Fogged Tree

  • Photos will be matted in either black or white (chosen to enhance photo). The mats are acid-free beveled whitecore. 


    Mats fit the following frame sizes:

    11x14" prints matted to fit 16x20" frames

    11x17" prints matted to fit 16x20" frames

    12x12" prints matted to fit 16x16" frames


    16x20" prints matted to fit 20x24" frames

    16x24" prints matted to fit 22x28" frames

    16x16" prints matted to fit 20x20" frames


    Matting options are not available for larger sized prints