32 Photo Etudes:
Exercises in Composition, Focus, Light, and Motion

by Jenn Mishra

The concept of an etude comes from music where specific techniques are studied in isolation. The idea is that when the technique is later encountered in a piece of music, musicians can more easily use that technique and return their focus to the interpretation and expression of the music. 

The idea of an etude, a technical study, can easily be applied to photography. Any exercise designed to enhance a particular photographic skill is a “photo etude”. The point of etudes is to focus attention on one particular technique. 

In this book, 32 Photo Etudes have been written to enhance various technical skills in isolation. On an average day of shooting, photographers may use many different techniques. Practicing these skills in isolation gives photographers an advantage in the field. Attention can be fully committed to composition instead of technique. You may be able to capture photos that might have been missed because your attention isn’t being diverted to photographic technique.

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